While we are aware that a cup cannot possess magical properties, we can only imagine the possibilities if it could. Perhaps its soft lilac hue would bring about a sense of rejuvenation each morning, inspiring us to embrace life and revel in simple pleasures. Just like how a flower blooms, this cup could uplift our spirits and remind us to celebrate the everyday moments.

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Made of white clay, decorated with underglaze paint, covered with transparent and gold color glazes.

All mugs are handmade, so each piece is unique and slightly different.

Dimensions of the work – diameter at the top ~ 10 cm, height ~ 10-11 cm, capacity ~ 300 ml, weight ~ 300 g.
The cups shown in the photo represents the general design, size and color of the product, but each piece is unique, so the measurement inaccuracy may be ~1 cm, the capacity may vary by ~50 ml, the weight may vary by ~30 g, and the color saturation may also vary slightly.

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Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 cm