One time workshop

Maybe you’ve dreamed of touching clay for a long time? Bored and looking for a way to spend an interesting evening? Do you miss new experiences?

We have an offer for you:

We invite you to join the thematic, one-time workshops. They are perfect for those who have never sculpted before or who want to hear about and try sculpting in a consistent technique.

During this workshop, we make thematically: cups, bowls, plates, vases, bowls.

During one session, each participant makes one piece and decorates it with underglaze paint.
The finished works remain in the studio.
Here we dry them, fire them, glaze them with clear colorless glaze (so that the works are suitable for contact with food), fire them again. In about two weeks, we will contact you to pick up the works.

The cup, bowl or plate workshops cost €40 for one person
Cup and saucer set – €55
Large bowl or vases – €80

The maximum group consists of 12 persons
The duration of the activity, chosen from the workshop, ranges from 2 to 5 hours.
Classes are for adults.
In the studio, all the tools and tea are waiting for you.

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