A little sweet, a little naive, very gentle, and most importantly – unforgettable, just like the first love! The were of this collection are perfect when you want to rise a few millimeters above the ground and create a rosy life.

The pastel pink color of the grocery perfectly reveals the colors of the dishes and gently lifts the mood. Even those who don’t like pink admit that coffee in cups of this color looks especially tempting.
Creating these dishes, there was a thought: “won’t they be too girly?” But practice has shown the opposite! Apparently there will never be too much tenderness and sensitivity in our busy lives.

The works of this collection are perfectly compatible with the collections: “”Calm King”, “Ocean Wind”.


Ocean wind evokes endless spaces, endless seashores and blue horizons where the water melts into the sky. Let your thoughts rise above the clouds. Where there is no more hesitation and you feel dreams with all your heart!

A collection of heavenly colors will appeal to dreamers, as well as those who want to introduce more bright, positive colors into their home.

The works of this collection are perfectly compatible with the collections: “In Love”, “Calm King”


Imbued with simple magic, like the most beautiful everyday and the meaning of routine. Designed for everyday kings and queens who fold laundry and prepare for exotic vacations with just as much love.

Living in Lithuania, we probably know 1000 and one shades of gray color. This one is especially nice. Exuding peace, simplicity, relaxation. The color is neutral, so it fits well with most interiors.

This is the right choice for those who are looking for a cozy gift, but do not know exactly which color the recipient of the gift prefers.

The works of this collection are perfectly compatible with the collections: “In Love”, “Ocean Wind”


This is probably the most delicious color you can find in our store! Sweat like a dessert because it contains all the shades of caramel. Since the glaze is semi-transparent, every hand-made detail is highlighted, emphasizing the uniqueness of the product.

After choosing several plates from this collection, you will notice how many shades one color can have. This will especially appeal to those looking for a moderate but not boring table setting.
The collection will appeal to those who like warm shades and want to fill their home and life with sunny moods. Just as the leaves in autumn reflect the last rays of the warm sun, as a spoon of honey sweetens the graying and cold evenings, so this collection radiates delicious coziness.

The works of “Salty Caramel” go well with the works of the “The Roar Of Thunder” collection.


One of our and your favorite color combinations. Traveling together since the first Pottery like Poetry molds. Red, white and black – contrast sharply with each other, creating a dynamic, creative and lively mood.

We hope that every time you look at the bright red heart, you will remember your heart’s desires. Inspire energy and courage for new projects, old dreams or everyday masterpieces.

We have no doubt that the works of this collection will become an inspiration for your everyday life.


This color combination reminds me of mom’s cakes. One thin biscuit pancake neatly placed on top of another, they are constantly coated with cream and most importantly – everything is covered with colored sugar sprinkles.
Nowadays bakeries make cakes with the most wonderful decorations and pleasant flavors. But nothing can compete with the Mums cake from childhood baked only for birthdays and Christmas.

“Surprise” because we never know how the colored glass crystals will collide and what patterns will decorate each item. Also because the surprises are full of festive, light mood, which these dishes are full of.


Two words describe this collection: energy and simplicity. By embodying this in dishes, we wish for those who use them to unlock precisely these qualities in their everyday lives. That things go smoothly, easily and simply, and that there is enough energy not only for the “need” list but also for the “want” list.

White clay decorated with bold strokes looks impressive. Even a fried egg can turn into a work of art on such a plate. Boldly combine these dishes with plain white, black or colored dishes.