About us

About ceramics studio

Pottery like Poetry began with a dream to have our own creative space, which would be filled with coziness and tenderness. At this moment, we are glad that we have it. Here, we not only engage in sculpting rituals ourselves, but we also with pleasure accompany others, either we fly our works all over the world.

Although the studio space is simple, we feel very cozy here. Usually our customers and students feel the same way too. Here, every cubic centimeter is filled with good, working, creative energy. When you open the door, you will probably see us at the table creating and molding, and you will be able to look not only at the products ready to go home, but also to peek into the process from the corner of your eye.

Having chosen Žvėrynas completely by chance, we already felt while working that this area is perfect for such a slow craft as ceramics. While the whole city is rushing by, wooden houses still stand here on the side of the river and the park, neighbors wave from their windows as they pass, we walk to the studio ourselves, and after work we go to the park, where the trees awaken the imagination and provide inspiration for a new day.

We are a team of two. Everything is created by four hands and two hearts. Most works are born by gently pressing a piece of clay with the pads of the fingers. This method of formation takes a lot of time and is almost like meditation. By working in this way, we carry a silent message: to create rituals of cozines, to enjoy, feel and appreciate the things we have.

We know that with small details we create not only home cozines, but also happiness and fulfillment in life. How often is it enough to enjoy coffee from your favorite cup to make the day more beautiful or to set the table festively to make the evening special.

We believe that our works inspire you not only while enjoying a delicious drink or snack, but also invite you to look at them as unique home interior accents. Reminding of the indisputable truth about your uniqueness.

Kristina about how it all started

My first specialty was theater directing. I really loved the stage, but every job was very stressful. I didn’t trust myself terribly, and I only wanted the best result, which increased the tension.
When I sat down at the modeling table, I felt that the clay did not judge me. While working, I see the result myself, I notice my mistakes, I can correct them, improve. I don’t depend on scenographers, lighting, financing, actors… I only depend on myself – this was freedom for me. This time I didn’t wait for someone to tell me that I’m doing well, that I’m doing beautifully, that my work is needed, that I can already share. This time I chose what was beautiful to me, my perfectly imperfect, crooked, dotted 7 sculpted cups and invited my cousin to my house and asked her to take photos of them. I already had the name in mind. Thus, one autumn day, Pottery like Poetry appeared on social networks.

There were many small steps leading up to that and more after that. All of them lead up to today.
Now, I see myself as a sensitive, creative, playful and demanding woman, who is more and more self-confident and more and more devoted to the creative process.
Clay is amazing, you can make anything out of it. It sensitively witnesses not only every touch, but also the moods I work with. Most of the time, I feel like an oasis in the studio, where I can not only create, but also multiply tenderness and love.

Artūras about how him became part of this

Pottery like Poetry, Ceramic studio became my second home quite suddenly and unexpectedly. When Kristina and I were setting up this space, we had no idea that we would create here together, that this would be our next fortress.

While renovating and organizing the future studio premises, we planted a part of ourselves in them, with each new coat of paint, the walls enjoyed our joy and love, the built furniture created a harmonious environment for creativity to flourish. And when I thought it was time to move on, this universe we created didn’t let me go, it invited me to dive into new undiscovered things, get to know Kristina’s dream more deeply and develop it together. It was not easy, but I am very happy that today I am a part of it all and have the opportunity to create for myself and for you.

Kristina about Artūras

Artūras is free and unpredictable. Like the wind! Probably, all the news that appears in the studio is inspired and initiated by him. Artūras desire to try new materials, create new textures, and use new colors opens up endless possibilities and creative variations.

Not a single detail will escape his eyes. By carefully looking at each piece, he achieves a jeweled finish. To improve and to do better every time seems to be written in his being.

One of his most beautiful qualities is his bright outlook on the world and people. He sees opportunities everywhere, quickly solves problems that arise. This makes our life in the studio light and cheerful.

Artūras about Kristina

Kristina has a perfectly developed, and perhaps innate, taste for aesthetics, which is strongly felt both in her works, in the interior of the studio, and in life. This sense of taste is accompanied by hands full of tenderness and eyes full of peace, burning with the desire to share. You will feel all this in the works created by her or during the classes she leads. Thanks to Kristina, persons who come to get to know the clay, get not only education, but also the opportunity to relax, calm down, and meditate.

Another less visible and felt is her stubborn side, thanks to which she is able to demand more from herself… more dedication at work… more love at home… empathy in people. Stubbornness, which is sometimes difficult to tame, but without it dreams would not turn into reality. And one of those dreams is this ceramic studio, which perfectly reflects her, full of warmth and coziness.

On social networks, Kristina creatively conveys our busy life in the studio, finished and in-progress works, cozy moments of love. Thanks to it, you can see the poetry of our life very closely, through the prism of our perception of life, and sometimes even participate in it.